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MPSV Siddis Mariner

The ship is a diesel electric driven (frequency controlled propellers, pumps, fans) – supply ship/pipe carrier, IMR, ROV and “walk to work” vessel, which is designed to meet the general market, in addition to be specially designed for field supply & ROV duties, equipped with efficient azimuth thrusters and a dynamic positioning system for safe and economic world-wide service.

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The ship is designed for low fuel consumption and excellent seakeeping. This in addition to low noise and vibration in hull and superstructure ensure high comfort. The ship is designed according to class notation “Clean Design” and “COMF-V and C rate 3”, and high focus is given on reduced fuel consumption, which means less emission to the environment.

The latest technology in switch board design from Wärtsilä is installed in the vessel. A system named LLC, Low Loss Concept. This will increase the redundancy of the vessel.

DNV +1A1, IceC E0, Dynpos AUTR, Class notation CLEAN DESIGN, dk(+)(10 t/m2), hl(p), LFL*, OIL REC, COMF-V (3)C(3), NAUT OSV(A).
Stand-by Vessel (S), FIFI I, DEICE-C.
Built according to NOFO 2005, capacity: 1,800 m³. One roll reduction
tank aft below 1st deck.
World Wide. 1966 Loadline Conv., SOLAS, MARPOL
Main Particulars
Length overall 88.30 m
Length between p.p. 77.70 m
Breadth moulded 20.00 m
Depth 1st dk. 8.60 m
Depth 2nd dk. 5.40 m
Draught, max. SWL 7.15 m
DWT max. appr. 4.800 t
Cargo Capacities
Deck area, total 950 m²
Deck strength 10 t/m²
Fresh water 985 m³
Fuel oil 904 m³
Liquid mud 700 m³
Slop/MUD 70 m³
Brine/MUD 539 m³
ORO 1,800 m³
Drill water/ballast water 2,400 m³
Methanol 145 m³
Special products 145 m³
Base oil 200 m³
Cement 430 m³
Discharge Rates
Fresh water 4” 2 x 150 m³/hr
Fuel oil 4” 2 x 0-150 m³/hr /comb. ORO
Liquid mud 4” 4 x 0-100 m³/hr (2 screw and 2 centrifugal)
Slop/MUD 2 x 100 m³/hr
Brine/MUD 4” 2 x 150 m³/hr – 18 bar
ORO 4” 2 x 0-150 m³/hr – 9 bar (comb. F.O.)
Drill water/ballast water 4” 2 x 0-150 m³/hr – 9 bar
Methanol 4” 1 x 0-75 m³/hr – 9 bar
Special products 4” 1 x 0-75 m³/hr – 9 bar
Base oil 4” 2 x 0-100 m³/hr – 9 bar
Cement 5” 2 x compr. 29 m³/min. – 5.6 bar: 2 x 76 t/hr

13 tanks for mud, brine, slop, base oil, special products and methanol are combined with ORO.

All cargo pumps are frequency controlled. The cement bulk system includes dust collector with dust cyclone for the bulk tanks with automatic drainage. Liquid mud and special product tanks are free for any stiffeners, girders or floors. 6 off agitators for dedicated mud tanks installed. Wash water system w/wash machine for brine, mud and slop tanks to be heated to 80 deg. C. The methanol and special product tanks are made of stainless steel.

50 metric tons Offshore Crane w/AHC – NOV, focus on hoisting speed/
capacities. Designed for up to 3,000 m water depth.
Crane Lifting Capacities
25 metric tons at 20 m outreach single line (max)
35 metric tons at 15 m outreach single line
50 metric tons at 10 m outreach single line
Hoisting speed single line SWL AHC 0-60 m/min
Hoisting speed single line 25 tons 0-100 m/min (normal)
Active heave compensation (example) - Max. heave in max. load +/-2.5 m in a period of 15 sec.
Aux. hook lifting capacity 10 metric tons with PCT at 21 m
Machinery/D-E Propulsion / Performance
Genset. Outp. 4 x Cat 3516C, each 2188 kW - Tot 8752 kW / Max. speed, approx. 15 kn
Main azimuth thrusters 2 x 2200 kW (El. Driven R-R CP AZP100) / Econ speed, approx. 10-12 kn
Fwd. azimuth thrusters 1 x 800 kW (El. Driven R-R FP)
Bow thruster 2 x 1200 kW
Emergency generator 1 x 320 ekW
SCR equipment (catalyzer) to reduce Nox.
Fuel Consumption
Ecospeed at abt. 12 knot: Abt. 11-12 m³
DP: Abt. 6-8m³
Standby offshore: Abt. 4-6 m³
Port: Abt. 2.9 m³
Details of Available Power for Charterer’s Equipment
1600 A 690 V from ROV breaker
Various smaller breakers available at 450V and 230V
Roll reduction system
Two off passive roll reduction tanks
Details of Available Deck Junction Boxes for Connection of Charterer’s equipment (Outlets)
2 x 230V 16A AFT STB 16A 6H 2P (GHG5114306R0001)
2 x 230V 16A AFT PS 16A 6H 2P (GHG5114306R0001)
2 x 230V 16A FWD 16A 6H 2P (GHG5114306R0001)
2 x 450V 32A FWD 32A 6H 3P (GHG5124406R001)
ROV Operation
Connection for the following services are provided: Cables ready at mezzanine deck
Data network
Fire alarm
Small power for light and sockets in containers
Rescue Equipment
Lifesaving equipment according to SOLAS and flag state requirements.
1 off Fast Rescue Craft: MOB with 210 hp engine
Life rafts: 3 x 25 men at each side of the vessel
Survival suits for 64 persons.
Deck Equipment
Mezzanine deck for ROV and containers
Tugger Winches: 2 x 15 tonnes
Cargo securing winches: 6 located in safe haven, all with 6 winches each side in safe heaven, side of the cargo rail.
Capstans aft: 2 x 10 tonnes
Windlass/Mooring: 2 x hydraulic driven
Cranes boat deck: 1 off 3 t x 13 m , 1 off 1 t x 10 m
Stern gate with opening b= 7,000 mm x h = 1,800 mm
Removable cargo rail port side 15.6 m length
Kenz Figee gangway system will be installed Q4/2016.
Navigation Equipment
1 x X - band Radar ARPA
1 x S - band Radar ARPA & inter switch
2 x Direction finder (VHF and MF)
3 x Gyro/Autopilot 1 x Watch keeping receiver
2 x Furuno GPS, Model GP3-150 DGPS
1 x Echo-sounder
1 x Navtex-receiver 1 x Sound reception system
2 x ECDIS voyage computer
1 x Furuno AIS FA-150, 1 x pilot plug
1 x Azimuth circle
1 x Remote alarm, AU-12, NAUT (OSV)
1 x FURUNO Doppler log DS 80
DP Reference Systems
2 x Veripos DGPS, Correction signal Standard
2 x MRU
1 x Cyscan
2 x Wind sensor
1 x HiPaP 500 is installed and prepared for second HIPaP
Communication Equipment
According to GMDSS A3
1 z\x MF/HF Radio w/radio telex & DSC
1 x Watch keeping receiver
2 x VHF duplex and DSC
1 x VHF semiduplex/4 x VHF portable
2 x mobile telephones
1 x intercom w/radio/loudhailer
Telephone Switchboard
4 V-sat trunks
Phones in all offices
GIS V-sat system
256-512 KBps Broadband
Lines in: Mobiltel, GSM, VHF, Sevsat
Lines out: Bridge, Eng. Ctrl. Room, Conference Room, Mess. Room, Captain, Chief Eng., 2 x Client Cabins
The vessel has accommodation and equipment for 64. Optional
increase of accommodation in containers.
Single bed cabins: Twenty-two (22)
Double bed cabins: Twenty-one (21)
Hospital: 1 off + ward 2 beds
Mess/day room: 30/21 persons
Dayroom smokers: 8 persons
Coffee shop: 1 off, main deck
Reception: 1 off, main deck
Wardrobe: 1 off, main deck w/40 lockers (20 for Charterer)
Deck office: 6 off
Internet Café: 1 off
Sky lobby/dayroom/deck view area: 1 off

Particulars are believed to be correct, without guarantee.

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