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Our Fleet

Siem Offshore Contractors’ fleet of ships are drawn from the Siem Offshore’s pool of over forty advanced offshore support vessels.

Our principle spread is the ‘Siem Duo’ consisting of our Installation Support Vessel Siem Moxie and our Cable Lay Vessel Siem Aimery which were designed and built specifically to our design criteria using the years of experience in the industry to make this the leading cable installation spread in the market today. The two vessels are designed to work in adverse weather conditions, both having the ability to work in seas up to 3.0m significant wave heights.

In addition, we operate a number of other vessels from the Siem Offshore fleet such as the Siem Marlin, Siem N-Sea, Siem Spearfish, Siem Stingray, Siem Garnet, Siem Ruby and the Siem Sapphire for various roles during project execution.

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Jill Falenschek
Tender Coordinator