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Our aim is zero harm, zero spill

Siem Offshore is committed to provide a safe place to work on all our work sites to all our employees. We will strive for zero harm to personnel and assets by holding health and safety as our first priority. We will also strive for zero spills and minimize the impact of our operations to the environment.

We will strive for zero harm to personnel and assets by holding health and safety as our first priority."

Our values
Caring We encourage team spirit and knowledge sharing. We strive to perform our daily work correctly, safely and without causing damage to people, environment and equipment.
Committed We are driven by integrity. We step up and take charge to fulfil given promises. We "walk the talk".
Competitive We behave in a pro-active manner and we are innovative in our way of thinking. Continuous improvement is our key to succes.

Protecting our employees

We work to keep our employees in a safe working environment by identifying the hazards and assessing the risks. We ensure that controls are in place to prevent incidents.

We encourage our employees to only perform work for which they are trained, competent, medically fit, and sufficiently rested and alert to carry out. No work in Siem Offshore is of such urgency that we cannot do it safely. We all have the obligation and the right to stop or delay activities that may place us or others at risk of being injured, or which could lead to harm to the environment or damage to equipment.


Positive HSE Culture

Our hazard observation cards is one of the ways we use to develop a positive HSE culture. We emphasize on everyone’s responsibility for looking after their own safety and the safety of their colleagues. By keeping alert they can help to eliminate at-risk behaviours, correct unsafe conditions and contribute to safety at their worksite.

We have designed a safety booklet that raises awareness and outlines important issues on safety and health that should be paid attention to on Siem Offshore project sites.

We have clear expectations to record and follow-up all near misses and incidents, to identify the root causes, and learn from these events.


Safety Booklet Hazard Identification Tool Hazard Observation Card

Code of Business Conduct


Code of Business Conduct

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