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Bard Offshore 1 Wind Farm
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Bard Offshore 1 Wind Farm

Vessel Charter – Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Siem Offshore Contractors was awarded the contract for the provision of dedicated walk-to-work (W2W) service operations vessels related to the continuous operation and maintenance activities on the Bard Offshore 1 Wind Farm project by Ocean Breeze Energy.

The Bard Offshore 1 WF is located approx. 105km off the German coast, within the German Bight sector of the North Sea. The OWF consists of 80 wind turbine generators, each with a capacity of 5.0 MW.

For the 24/7/365 operation Siem Offshore Contractors provided and provides the following dedicated in-house resources:

Facts & Figures
  • 80 Wind Turbine Generators

  • 4 service operations vessel

  • 1 Offshore Station (OSS)

  • > 9,000 W2W Connections

  • 400 MW installed capacity

  • > 35,000 Personnel Transfers

Client: Ocean Breeze Energy, Denmark
Location: North Sea, German Sector
Water Depth: Up to 40 m
Scope: Provision of walk-to-work vessel for inspection, maintenance and repair works
WTG’s: 80 x 5.0 MW, Bard
Schedule: One (1) continuous campaign since 2015
Vessels: MV Siem Emerald, Apr-15 till Oct-2015
ISV Siem Moxie, May-15 till Apr-2016
MV Siem Marlin, Apr-16 till Feb-2017
MV Siddis Mariner, since Feb-2017
W2W Connections: > 9,000 and counting
Personnel Transfers: > 35,000 and counting

Website: Ocean Breeze

More information: 4C Offshore

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